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V2.0 – revised 23 August 2023
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Please read our Privacy Policy carefully as it explains the following:

  • What personal information do we collect from you and for which purpose (Sections 3 and 4)
  • The measures to safeguard the access to and the security of your Personal Data (Section 5)
  • Your rights to access, rectify, erase your Personal Data and object to the processing of your Personal Data (Section 8)

In order to use the Products, you must first acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy. You cannot use the Products without first accepting our Privacy Policy.

  1. General

Spiritual Hotel® built the Hermes The Wise app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by Spiritual Hotel® at no cost and is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service.

If you choose to use our Service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which is accessible at Hermes The Wise unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy.

Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) provides the Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) Application, an educational and edutainment app for mindfulness and meditation.

Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) (“Hermes The Wise”, “we”, “us”) recognizes and understands the importance of the privacy of its users (“users”, “You”) and wants to respect their desire to store and access personal information in a private and secure manner. This Privacy Policy applies to our Application and our Website (collectively the “Products”) and describes how Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) manages, stores and utilizes your Personal Data through its Products.

In order to use our Products, we require you to consent to the collection and processing of your Personal Data before you start using the Products. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, you may not use in any manner the Products.

Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) is committed to protecting the privacy of all of its user’s Personal Data and providing a secure, user-controlled environment for the use of the Products in accordance with the Privacy Act of 8 December 1992. At the same time, you also share responsibility for maintaining privacy and security for example, by not allowing any third party to use your personal account on the Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) Mobile Application. Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) asks all users to be responsible for safeguarding any authentication information and to immediately notify Hermes The Wise of any unauthorized use of their personal Accounts.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully (which is also available on our Website: so that you fully understand how we obtain and process your Personal Data. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and agree that you were adequately informed of the functioning and objectives of the Application.

  1. Definitions
  • “Account” means your account registered through the registration process on the Hermes The Wise

Mobile Application

  • “Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) Mobile Application” means the mobile application (i) that the user has to download on its mobile device
  • “Products” means the Application, Website and Documentation
  • “Third Parties” means any natural or legal person or entity other than Hermes The Wise
  • “Website” means the website available at
  1. Information we collect

We may collect several types of personal information from the users of our Products, and store it

on your mobile device and/or our server such as:

  • Contact information (e.g. your name, postal address, e-mail address, and mobile)
  • The profile data provided by you on your account such as your name and profile picture
  • Information in helpdesk support inquiries
  • Information about your device, such as its model, unique device identifier, and operating system version
  • Payment information such as transaction identifiers and summary information that does not include credit card or bank account numbers (we do not collect or store financial account information)
  • Web behavior information such as information related to how the users use the Products (e.g. browser type, domains, page views) collected through cookies and other automated technology (cfr. Section 6 “Cookies”). Hereinafter collectively “Personal Data”.

We shall store your Personal Data on our servers located in the Los Angeles, California, with a very reliable hosting service).

These 3 permissions are need for below reasons:

android.permission.CAMERA: When user wants to uploads her/his profile photo or sends his/her problem in video, at first she or he should allow this permission to upload or send any photos or videos.

android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO: When user has problem in app and wants to describe his/her problem by voice message or the user wants to suggested something in app by voice message, at first should allow this permission.

android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE: Our app uses service player and for better response to any input call or something else, at first it need this permission.

  1. How do we use your Personal Data

Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) (i) collects, (ii) uses, (iii) maintains, and (iv) may share your Personal Data provided by you or collected by us with its affiliates, parent companies, or other related companies for all purposes necessary to ensure the proper functioning and operation of the User accounts and/or the proper functioning of the Products. These purposes may include (collectively the “Purpose”):

  • Creating and managing your Account to use the Application;
  • Providing information and allowing the Users access to the Products;
  • Diagnosing technical problems and managing technical support and processing inquiries concerning the Products;
  • Contacting the Users by phone, email, text message, or push notifications (if they are enabled) to (i) verify your account (ii) for information and operational purposes such as account management, instructions, alerts, reminders, customer service, system maintenance, and others
  • Contacting the Users to (i) communicate about, and organize your participation in market research or (ii) obtaining testimonials;
  • Commercializing the Application;
  • Performing data analyses (including anonymization and aggregation of Personal Data) and using and sharing the resulting data to third parties for commercialization purposes;
  • The operation, evaluation and improvement of the Products (including the development of additional products and/or services, enhancing and improving the current Products, analysis of our Products, quality control activities and performing internal business functions such as accounting and auditing);
  • Protecting against, identifying and preventing fraud and other unlawful activity, claims, and other liabilities;
  • Complying with and enforcing any applicable legal obligations with respect to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, you agree that Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) is free to access, retain, and disclose Personal Data in the following events:

  • In order to be in compliance with any applicable legislation or regulations;
  • If a law enforcement authority or other government official requests so;
  • To enforce the Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) Terms of Use or Privacy Policy
  • The investigation of any suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity and
  • To protect your or our safety and/or rights.

By using the Application, you acknowledge and explicitly agree that we may disclose certain information to vendors and service providers who help us provide the Products. Examples of these vendors and service providers include entities that process credit or debit card payments and provide analytics and web hosting services.

By using the Application, you acknowledge and explicitly agree that we may disclose certain information to providers that build profiles to improve the diagnostic capabilities of the Application. We will not share your information without your permission.

You furthermore understand and agree that the technical processing and transmission of the Products, including your Personal Data, may involve (i) transmissions over various networks; and (ii) modifications to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks, or devices.

  1. Security

Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) shall take appropriate administrative, technical and organizational measures against unauthorized or unlawful processing of any Personal Data or its accidental loss, destruction or damage, access, disclosure or use. Upon written request, Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) can provide you with a list of people of Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) that may have access to your Personal Data. These people have entered into confidentiality agreements prior to having been granted access to your Personal Data.

In the event of and following discovery or notification of a breach of the security of the Personal Data, or access by an unauthorized person, Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) is required by law to notify the user if the breach is likely to affect your privacy.

  1. Cookies

When using the Products, we may collect certain information by automated means, such as cookies (small text files stored in your browser) and similar technologies, including mobile application identifiers, to improve your experience of the Products, increase security, measure use, and effectiveness of the Products, identify and resolve issues and marketing purposes. We may also use cookies and other automated means for purposes such as management our Products and other aspects of the commercialization of our business.

The information we collect in this manner includes IP address, browser characteristics, device characteristics, operating system version, information on actions taken on our Products (such as usage, activity logs a click-throughs), and dates and times of visits. Log data is deleted on a regular basis.

You can control cookies through your browser settings and other tools. Your device may offer you control over the use of cookies or other technologies when you use the Products. For example, you may be able to set your device or browser to disable, clear, reset or block the use of cookies or similar technologies. Please note, however, that without cookies the Products may not work properly or you may not be able to use all of their features.

Third parties, such as Google analytics, may also use cookies to collect information about your activities on our Products to understand and continue improving the performance of our Products. Please check the relevant third-party website for more information about their use of cookies. Where this site allows such cookies to be set or you access other websites from the Products using the links provided, the operators of these websites will use cookies in accordance with their own cookies policy, which may differ from ours.

By continuing to use our Products, you consent to the placement of cookies and other automated means in your browser and device in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Disclosure to Third Parties

In the event of full or partial merger with, or acquisition of all or part of Hermes The Wise, we may transfer your Personal Data to a Third Party. In such event, Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) shall impose this Third Party to use any Personal Data strictly consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Other than as set out in this Privacy Policy, we shall not sell or otherwise disclose your Personal Data to Third Parties without obtaining your prior explicit consent unless this is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or unless we are required to do so by law.

We may also share Personal Data with Third Party service providers who help us to provide, understand, commercialize and improve our Products. We do not authorize these Third-Party service providers to use or disclose your Personal Data except as strictly necessary to perform any services under our supervision or to comply with applicable legislation. We seek to provide any such Third-Party service provider with only the Personal Data they need to perform their specific function.

In any event, such Third-Party service providers shall be obliged to treat your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) cannot be held liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, that may result from the misuse of your Personal Data by such Third Party service providers.

  1. Your rights

Right of access If you are concerned or have any questions about your Personal Data, you have the right to request access to the Personal Data which we hold or process about you. We will then provide you with information about the data that are being processed and on the source of those data.

Deletion of Personal Information

You have the option to permanently remove your personal information from our system by utilizing the designated link within your profile. To carry out this process, please access your profile and initiate the “Delete Account” function. It is important to note that upon utilizing this feature, all traces of your personal data, inclusive of any purchase records, purchase history, and downloaded content, will be irrevocably erased. These actions are irreversible and your data will be permanently unrecoverable under any circumstances.

To exercise your abovementioned rights or any other questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail. You should add a copy of your identity card or other proof of your identity to your request. Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) will undertake the necessary action without undue delay and provide information on action taken (or the absence of any such action) within 30 days.

  1. Data retention and deletion

We may retain information regarding you and your use of the Products, including Personal Data, for as long as reasonably needed to provide you with the Products and the uses described in this Privacy Policy.

Please note that we retain your Personal Data even if you temporarily stop using the Application until you permanently delete the Application on your mobile device and notify us thereof. Upon notification, we may retain and continue to use and disclosure your Personal Data to Third Parties exclusively on a fully anonymized basis.

  1. Third Party websites or applications

You acknowledge and agree that certain content or services provided by Third Parties may be made available to you through the Products. You agree that such linked content or services may have their own privacy policies for which Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) cannot be held responsible. Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) does not in any way review or endorse the privacy practices of such Third Parties.

  1. Updates or changes to our Privacy Policy

Occasionally, we may change or update this Privacy Policy to allow us to use or share your previously collected Personal Data for other purposes. If Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) would use your Personal Data in a manner materially different from that stated at the time of the collection, we will provide you with a notice on our Website and in our Hermes The Wise (مدرسه هرمس خردمند) Mobile Application indicating that the Privacy Policy has been changed or updated and request you to agree with the updated or changed Privacy Policy.


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